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How much of a photo do you need to alter to avoid copyright infringement? Hint: Cheshire Cat – Stanford Copyright and Fair U…

And as for Fair Use factor three, the amount and substantiality of the portion used … the court wrote “Defendants removed so much of the original that, as with the Cheshire Cat, only the smile remains.” The original background is gone, its colors and shading are gone, the expression in the eyes can no longer be read, and the effect of the lighting is “almost extinguished.” “What is left, besides a hint of Soglin’s smile, is the outline of his face, which can’t be copyrighted.”

Why Ashley Madison hack is not bad news

There is a lot of talk about privacy, everyone needs the ability to encrypt their data, companies should help us keep our communication private and put a stop to any government having back door access to our data and communication. We can not rely on a Geneva Convention for the internet, so that people like the US government can violate it with impunity like it does that actual Geneva Convention.

Trust no one, as every computer system is insecure due to the human factor. There is always a possibility that one or more employees or contractors with the right access to companies and/or government databases going public with our data, selling it, stealing identities, or trying to extort money from us. That’s why always protecting our privacy is important.

I do hope this public hacking of private data makes everyone aware of the need for securing our data and results in more secure systems.

» Elena Ferrante Explains Why She Publishes Anonymously: “Books, Once They Are Written, Have No Need of Their Authors”

Exactly if the words don’t sell then no amount of publicity is going to make them any better.

Hunger Games

The first two books to me have a strange ending, I would change the first book with Katniss going home and enjoying her winnings, with a hint about her relationship with Peeta. The second book I would have ended it with the arena being destroyed.

Then started the last book with her rescue. For me the last book does not work as it follows this formula, which it has already over the first two books:

Readers are introduced to the hero’s world. A “call to adventure” or a disturbance interrupts the hero’s world. The hero may ignore the call or the disturbance. The hero “crosses the threshold” into a dark world. A mentor may appear to teach the hero. Various encounters occur with forces of darkness. The hero has a dark moment within themselves that they must overcome in order to continue. A talisman aids in battle (e.g., the shield of Athena for Perseus; the sword, Excalibur, for King Arthur). The final battle is fought. The hero returns to their own world

I would completely change the last book and have Katniss end up the leader, showing that Coin was corrupt and there was a plot to remove Coin.

P.s. I would also have it that the people in the games do not really die, that using advance technology keeps them alive but in captivity, to be rescued at the end.

Ebooks are changing the way we read, and the way novelists write | Comment is free | The Guardian

you’d be left with three kinds of writing:
first, “literary” novels with clearer plots and
than their 20th century predecessors, less
complex prose, fewer experiments with
fragmented perception; second, popular novels
with a high degree of writerly craft (making the
edges of the first two categories hard to define);
third, literary writing about reality – the
confessional autobiography, the diary of a
journalist, highly embroidered reportage about
a legendary event.