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Kick Ass Book Launch Tips (from Two Authors Who Really Know) | Publication Life

Top ideas from the article:

“run giveaways on GoodReads and
work with book bloggers to get
you reviews, interviews and guest
posts online, generally focusing
on sites with the most traffic for
your genre. ”
“Think about your social media
platform as a way of making new
friends with readers and other
” I ask for readers to review at the end of the books, in my Acknowledgements section.
(Once I started doing that, I got twice the number of reviews.)”
“sends advance copies to Kirkus, Booklist, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, and all of the other big reviewing sites,”
“I pay big bucks to be featured on
high-powered email lists like
Bookbub to get my book into the Kindles of readers at free
or deep discount. ”

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5 Signs You Need to Start Tracking Marketing ROI
You should create a spreadsheet for the time you spend on marketing tasks, then track the results you get, followers, emails and orders. With orders being the ultimate goal. Do not rule out a area that gives you contacts and no orders as you can never tell who referred you.